Frequently Asked Questions

You seem to do so many things.  What is the main focus of your company?

Sweet Day Designs is an occasion based design company specializing in high end gifts, centerpieces, and party design for life's Sweet Day Events.  We take your party plans from concept to completion; and provide some truly unique gifts to go along with the party, or as standalone gift items.  Hence, we offer both party planning and custom gift package services

I already have a party planner.  Can I just hire you to do a Candy Buffet?

Absolutely.   A Candy Buffet is a wonderful compliment to any venue.  Casual, Elegant, or anything in between.

Why do you not have prices listed for your Candy Buffet Services?

Due to the individual and unique quality of each party, we found that it is impossible to quote prices online.  (Seriously; having Mt. Rushmore flown in for your venue can be slightly more expensive than providing 250 Whirly Pops).  Please call us to discuss your party planning needs.  We will be happy to discuss price once we have a better idea of your party requirements.

You are a gift basket company, and yet, I don't see any of the usual offerings for the typical food-floral based gift baskets.

Although we do offer a small variety of items which can be sent for sympathy baskets and the like as a service to our customers (even those are gifts in themselves, i.e. our fruit basket is a cheese tray with cheese knives), our offerings are mostly unique boutique quality items that are not usually found available (anywhere) as gift basket. Many of our baskets are one of a kind- that is, when they are gone, they are gone.  Beautiful baby layette items with coordinating room decor, picture frames,  Placemats with matching napkins rolled up into a rectangular baking dish,  decorative housewares, kitchen soaps, towels, linens,  baby Step Stools, etc. etc.

All of our containers and baskets are themselves, usable gift items which become part of the gift itself; i.e. Le Creuset  Lasagna Baking Dish, red enamel colander, magnetic CD case, beautiful Seagrass basket under-bed  organizer, Corning  French White Oval Baker, Woven Laundry Hampers, Wire Waste Paper Baskets; etc., etc.

I see A la Carte Listed under several of your category selections.  What's up with that??

We are excited to bring to you what we believe to be a truly unique venue in the gift basket industry:  the ability to design your own gift baskets!  Here's how it works:

You have the ability to shop by category, or by occasion.  You find a gift basket you like, but wish you could substitute items from our a la carte section, or build your own basket.  using either more or  less one of the items.

We try to make it so that you can.  By choosing from our vast array of individual items available for purchase, you can pick and choose your own items to be included in your gift basket.  Simply fill out our custom form and we will package it according to your specifications.   It's as easy as that!!

Wish I could turn Granny's Heirloom quilt into the perfect gift basket using some of your items.

We can turn almost any item into the perfect gift basket.  Call us to talk about your great ideas!!

I have a favorite store; but they do not do gift baskets.  Could you make me a basket using items from my favorite store?

Yes,  We are happy to shop it, design it, build it, send it. 

Where can I go to see your work?

Sweet Day Designs does not operate a storefront.   However, our gift baskets and baby cakes are available for purchase through our ecommerce store, through private parties, private hire gift and craft venues, and coming soon to a gift shop near you.