Candy Buffets and Party Decor

Sweet Day Designs creates the candy buffet your guests will never forget! Contact us to put together an elegant, sweet flair to your party or event.

Why a Candy Buffet?

Candy buffets are the hottest trend in event planning today. They are elegant, fun, economical, provide a unique party theme and activity, are visually exciting, highly customizable, and provide a memorable and delicious ending (and party favor) to your event. Your guests will be wowed by the design elements and visual appeal of your unique party designs. A candy buffet will leave your guests with a visual and edible reminder of the wonderful time you provided for them at the party.

When to Plan a Candy Buffet?

This service is ideal for corporate events, parties, weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, business launches, graduation parties, and proms. We design the buffet based on the number of guests and custom-tailor the décor based on your requirements of the party theme, style, size, budget, and colors.

Why Not Do It Yourself?

Consider this: Months before your event, you need to shop for, gather, transport collect, store, wash, bubble wrap, box, and store your elegant, highly fragile glass apothecary jars, containers, risers, decorative elements, candlesticks jars, and vases. You will need from 10 minimum to 65 jars depending on the size of your event.

You will need to purchase linens, fabrics, signage, paper products, bags, and scoops. You then need to custom design candy tags and attach to each of your jars. Of course, you will need to purchase your candy items in bulk, pay for shipping, and store it (refrigerated) until your event.

On the day of your event, you need to arrange for set up and take down of your event, requiring access to your party venue both before and after your event. If you do not own a truck, you will more than likely need to rent or borrow one, depending on the size of your party. That's a lot of work. Our solution: let us do it for you!

What We Provide

We provide beautiful jars, high-quality ribbons, tags, scoops, table decor, linens, decorations, centerpieces, customized treat bags, floral design, vases, and, of course, delicious candy. You choose your package, and leave the rest to us!!

Our full-service designers customize decorations and gifts to coordinate with your party or gift-giving needs. We set the tone for your party by designing the perfect invitation. Next, choose from an array of custom designs of candy buffet tags, labels, handmade gift cards, and party favors to compliment your event.


We customize your candy experience to suit your exact needs and requirements. Please contact us to discuss packages and pricing.

Make your next event or party a truly memorable "Sweet Day" with an elegant candy buffet.